Design, Development and Maintenance of Software Medical Devices

ORTHOTAXY is your reference partner for the design, development and maintenance of Software Medical Devices respecting CE/FDA standards (EN/IEC 62304).

Founded in 2009 by Stéphane Lavallée, well-renowned expert in the field of computer assisted surgery, ORTHOTAXY offers to healthcare professionals and industrial partners with innovative software technologies for the benefit of patients, hospitals and health systems.

ORTHOTAXY has major strengths that allows it to meet the high-level requirements of its customers: a portfolio of innovative technologies that provide competitive advantages, a strong and experienced team of specialized engineers, and networks of industrial partners, specialized surgeons, and scientific and clinical institutions.

ORTHOTAXY is open to different models of collaboration, with industrial partners, with expert surgeons, and with scientific and clinical institutions.

Innovative Patient-Specific Solutions

ORTHOTAXY develops in particular innovative differentiating solutions which include surgical planning software and patient-specific surgical guides, enabling surgeons to plan implant placement on preoperative CT or MRI images and use guides designed to fit each patient’s anatomy, insert surgical instruments and perform surgery quickly and accurately in accordance with a planned strategy.

In order to provide its customers with competitive advantages concerning patient-specific solutions, ORTHOTAXY focuses especially on the optimization of process steps and costs, with more accuracy. From now on, medical innovations must be combined with optimizations of health system costs. Solutions provided by ORTHOTAXY, in collaboration with its implant manufacturer partners, are less expensive that solutions from competitors and offer significant medico-economic advantages.

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Last updated : May 9, 2017
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